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Monthly archives for September, 2008

June 1993 Editorial

Another essay on inspirations, this one from 1993. How is this dated? Only in personal ways. I no longer go to Rockaway Beach with other writers. The writer house changed management and it’s not possible to do. Not that I went the last few years anyway. I moved from the mountains to the coast in […]

August Recommended Reading List

A difficult month for reading. First there was Worldcon. Travel—particularly book tours and conventions—cut into my reading time, since I can sleep on any airplane these days. The books I did read were mostly unsatisfying. Some of what I’ve been reading has been research for a new project, so I’m not finishing the books, but […]

Dark Corners

“Dark Corners,” my story that appeared in Baen’s Universe last year, has been reprinted in The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe #2. The books arrived yesterday. Send to Kindle

Brian Thomsen

I’m not sure how many years it’s been since I last saw Brian Thomsen. I do know that it was more than five years ago, because Julius Schwartz was still alive. Julie, for those who didn’t know him, was THE DC editor in the 60s & 70s. Until his death in his 80s, he had […]

The Perfect Short Story

Whenever we teach workshops with new students, I get reminded of a myth that exists among writers: There is such a thing as a perfect short story. To the beginning writer, the perfect short story is a story that will sell to every editor every time. To the sparsely published writer, the idea is a […]

A New Urban Fantasy Story!


My latest urban fantasy story, "Fashion and the Snarkmeisters," just appeared in Chicks and Balances. Get your copy at your favorite bookseller, ebook retailer, or by clicking the words below:

Chicks and Balances

A New Uncollected Anthology Story!

The Midbury Lake Incident UA cover reduced

The Midbury Lake Incident has just appeared in the August Uncollected Anthology: Magic Libraries. Well, "in" probably isn't the right word. Get this story and all the other magic library stories by clicking the words below.

The Uncollected Anthology: Magic Libraries

A New Military Science Fiction Story!

FR14 Valor ebook cover web

My latest military science fiction story, "Embedded," has just appeared in one of the best issues of Fiction River so far. Check out Valor by clicking the words below:

Fiction River: Valor

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