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June 1993 Editorial

Another essay on inspirations, this one from 1993. How is this dated? Only in personal ways. I no longer go to Rockaway Beach with other writers. The writer house changed management and it’s not possible to do. Not that I went the last few years anyway. I moved from the mountains to the coast in […]

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August Recommended Reading List

A difficult month for reading. First there was Worldcon. Travel—particularly book tours and conventions—cut into my reading time, since I can sleep on any airplane these days. The books I did read were mostly unsatisfying. Some of what I’ve been reading has been research for a new project, so I’m not finishing the books, but […]

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Dark Corners

“Dark Corners,” my story that appeared in Baen’s Universe last year, has been reprinted in The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe #2. The books arrived yesterday. Send to Kindle

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