Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Employees Part One

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Employees Part One Kristine Kathryn Rusch Really, this section shouldn’t be titled “Employees.” It should be titled “People You Hire To Do Stuff For You.” But that’s too long and a little too wordy, even if it is accurate. You see, the word “employee” has a specific meaning in the culture and under the tax code. According to the dictionary, an […]

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E-Male in Two of the Deadliest

My mystery story, “E-Male,” has just appeared in Two of the Deadliest, edited by Elizabeth George. Lots of great writers in here. I’m ordering a reading copy so I don’t mar the one that goes on my shelf. If you want one, order here.

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May 2009 Recommended Reading List

  Didn’t post this in June due to computer malfunction.  So here’s May’s list, better late than never.   Not a lot on this list since this month has been exceedingly busy.  I taught a workshop and read a mountain of book proposals (Note to editors out there:  Beware—good writing ahead lurks in your mail).  I’m moving my office, and I’ve had some emotional days […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Money, Part 7

< The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Money, Part Seven Kristine Kathryn Rusch It’s nice to be back in my office in the middle of the afternoon, which this space is designed for. The light is better and I’m not groggy, which always makes writing more fun. Last week, I figured I could cover billing in a single section, but soon figured out I had much too […]

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Defect in the New Space Opera 2

  My story, “Defect,” has just appeared in The New Space Opera 2.  Lots of good writers in this book.  (I can hardly wait to read my copy.)  You can buy one here.

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide, Money Part 6

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Money, Part Six Kristine Kathryn Rusch I’m sitting in my office at the exact moment my alarm normally goes off. I’ve never been in the new office this early in the morning. The main window faces east, and I’m squinting as I write because I’m too lazy to lower the blinds. I’m here early because I’m so scheduled today that this […]

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Audible Essay On Reading

I have an essay on about reading.  Check it out here.

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Charles N. Brown

Stunned to hear this morning that Locus publisher, Charles N. Brown, passed away on the way home from Readercon.  The last few times I’d seen Charlie, he hadn’t looked all that healthy.  He’d been struggling with his health for years, so in some ways this wasn’t a surprise. But his Locus essays had become very interesting, as he got back to reading the books he loved, and […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Money Part 5

< The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Money, Part Five Kristine Kathryn Rusch Thought we were done with money, didn’t you? We discussed expenses (a lot) and profits (a little) and you thought that was the end of it. Nope. There’s a lot more to income. A lot more. If we were discussing writing, I could probably deal with income for the rest of the summer. Income […]

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My husband, Dean Wesley Smith, has a great post on copyright–postulating what the world would be like without copyright. Check it out at And, um, you writers who don’t understand copyright, you really want to read this post.

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